Where does Word of Mouth fit in?

June 28th, 2012 by Jonas Persson, Senior Interaction Designer at Hello Future.

A question that often comes up is how to deal with Word of Mouth (WoM) in the Brand Touchpoint Matrix universe.

As we see it, WoM is not a touchpoint per se – rather something that can be communicated through a multitude of touchpoints. You often get recommendations by friends and peers either in real life or in social channels like Facebook or Twitter, but you can also find recommendations on blogs, get them via email etc.

So, how can your organization plan for WoM?

Well, positive WoM is an effect of exceptionally well executed touchpoints. If you create great experiences, people will talk about it. You can also support this by making it easy to spread the love in every touchpoint – does your store have free Wi-Fi so customers can communicate? Does your website encourage sharing? Do you create content that will spark interest and live on many different platforms (videos, infographics, presentations etc)? What about your giveaways at exhibitions? The packaging of your product? Payment options for your service?

To summarize:
1. Give your customers something worth talking about (product, service, content, delivery etc).
2. Make sure all relevant touchpoints enables your customers to spread the love.

It’s that easy ;-)

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