Creating remarkable touchpoints

January 5th, 2011 by Jonas Persson, Senior Interaction Designer at Hello Future.

What does it take to create touchpoints that work and make people happy? How can a touchpoint analysis look like?

The Brand Touchpoint Matrix tell us a lot about the basic properties of a touchpoint: is it suitable for persuation or value creation? Delivering a promise or living up to it? Give the customer a quick fix or an immersive experience? But there’s much more to think about – here’s three basic areas we consider important:

1. Touchpoint culture

Every touchpoint has a certain culture – using the same content everywhere is not a good idea. Learning how different touchpoints work is key. Consider: should things be funny, academic, easy to read? What kind of language are people normally using here? What kind of media should we use?

2. Touchpoint design

How do you build the interaction based on the unique properties of this touchpoint? Is graphic design important? Usability?

3. Touchpoint goals

What is the main goals of every touchpoint? Create value? Awareness? Curiosity? Where do we want people to go next? Based on these goals, it’s easy to start finding your KPI:s.

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  2. Posted by ~ Rashmi Siravara
    September 22nd, 2015 at 20:00

    1. Content creates redundancy, use of media in a diverse world such as Mobile is about enabling connectivity .

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